White Tahoe Cookies STORM 3.5g by Humboldt Sky

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Effect: STORM

Dominance: Indica

THC: 18.1%

CBD: 0.03%

Caryophyllene 0.59%

Limonene 0.32%

Myrcene 0.30%


Categories: , , ID: 2870

1/8 Jar

Notes: Melon notes hit you first followed by hashier, earthier undertones.

Flavor: Juicy fruits, basil, lavender, honeydew. Experience: Flow into a state of harmony with nature, benefit from stretching, or any kind of slow body movement, which is enhanced when paired with this invigorating strain that maximizes the power of the present moment.

Reputed Benefits: Relaxation, blissed out, stress and pain relief, deep sleep  Pair With: Cantaloupe with prosciutto.