Venom SWOON 3.5g by Humboldt Sky

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Effect: SWOON
Dominance: Indica
THC: 21.51%
CBD: 0.22%
d Limonene: 1.26%
b Caryophyllene: 0.45%
b Myrcene: 0.30%


Categories: , , ID: 2866

1/8 Jar

Notes: Like a sage bundle infused with earthly scents of sweet pine and lavender. Dashes of fruity pebbles surprise your senses with skunkier notes appearing throughout.

Flavor: Skunk and diesel notes throughout as bright bursts of lemon and dense earth ground you to this strain

Experience: It’s time to get weird with this strain. What first starts off as a hazy union with your couch will slowly turn into a blast-off high, where the only time you’ll be getting up is to feed the insatiable desire to snack on everything from the kitchen cupboard.

Reputed Benefits: Appetite stimulant, anxiety relief, sleep aid, eases pain, full-body chill.

Pair With: Fruity pebbles cereal or spoonfuls of peanut butter.