Royal Kush SURF 3.5g by Humboldt Sky

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Effect: SURF
Dominance: Hybrid Balanced
THC: 24.93%
CBD: 0.48%
b Myrcene: 1.56%
a Pinene: 0.42%
b Pinene: 0.17%


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1/8 Jar


Piney and fresh, without the sharpness of citrus or menthol. Kush’s earthy signature punctuated by fresh vegetal notes.


A clean and mellow flavor pervades, with a classic kush quality of no bite, and a slightly creamy finish that guards against coughing.


Royal Kush is a potent hybrid, with a rapid effect that is deep-diving and heady. Music, conversation, or anything creative are good options when smoking Royal Kush. A full mind/body effect calms the system and stimulates the brain, and the sativa content maintains alertness without interrupting the overall mellow effect.