Royal Highness SHINE 3.5g by Humboldt Sky

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Effect: SHINE

Dominance: Hybrid Sativa

THC: 18.12%

CBD: 1.39%

b Myrcene: 1.21%

d Limonene: 0.24%

b Caryophyllene: 0.22%


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1/8 Jar

Aroma: A thick, pungent smell that fills the room, this strain carries with it a classic combination of cannabis: skunk, pine, cream, and witchcraft. A distinct aroma and very heady.

Taste: The smoke is thick when burning Royal Highness, and a rich, oily taste comes thru: diesel strength pickled through with green pine.

Effect: A current favorite, Royal Highness has a very balanced but strong high, starting with the third eye and continuing around the body. Functional but powerful, this is a great strain for relaxation without couch lock, and outstanding with music. The CBD is present and accounted for in this strain, making it ideal for pain relief or anxiety remedy.