About Us

Our story began in 2016 with a desire to bring an unprecedented experience to the medicinal cannabis market in California. We wanted a patient to be able to walk in and receive the same level of knowledge and professionalism that they might expect from a doctors office or traditional pharmacy. We needed to rid ourselves of the “stoner” stigma that this industry is so often mislabeled with, and demonstrate to the world that what we work with is a healing plant, grown from the earth the way nature intended. But that wasn’t enough for us. We needed to bring the next level to the industry but we also needed to make sure that we are having FUN while we do it right? So we created an environment where everyone will feel welcome; from your 18 year old cousin to your 80 year old grandmother. We carry products that cover the whole spectrum of ways to medicate and afflictions to heal, and load our store with so much knowledge that you’ll never leave with a question un-answered. We staff knowledgeable bud tenders as well as provide virtually endless digital content on our in-store ipads, so no matter what the question, you have an immediate answer.

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